My first experience with ” null – The Open Security Community. “

Hello everyone !! On 4th July 2015 (Saturday), I, Sukanya got an opportunity to attend the very first Null Kolkata Chapter meet. The event was jointly conducted with OWASP (The Open Web Application Security Project).

It was a wonderful experience which I would like to share with all of you.

The event venue was NASSCOM Startup Warehouse Kolkata. Once I reached there I was greeted by Sumantro Mukherjee and Amiya Dutta – the leaders of null Kolkata Chapter.

The event started with an introductory session where everyone introduced themselves and then the talks kickstarted.

auidence of the null Kolkata meetup
Enthusiastic audience of the null Kolkata meetup

Here is a link of the event’s facebook page Null Kolkata July Chapter Meet ( jointly with OWASP) where you can see all the scheduled talks.

The event started with the presentation of Dibyendu Sikdar –  on Next Gen Networking (SDN) and Testing.

dibyendu sikdar speaking on SDN and NGN
Dibyendu Sikdar speaking on SDN

Followed by a talk on New Age Red Teaming : Enterprise Infiltration by Shritam Bhowmick – Application Security Specialist at Defencely.

sritam bhowmick
Shritam Bhowmick giving a talk on New Age Red Teaming.

I got an opportunity speak on the Internet of Thing Fundamental and my co-speaker was Sumantro Mukherjee who spoke on the Internet of Things Risk.

Sukanya speaking on iot fundamentals
Sukanya speaking on IoT fundamentals
sumantro mukherjee speaking on iot risk
Sumantro Mukherjee speaking on IoT risks

The topics that I was able to share with everyone present in the room were :

  1. Internet ?
  2. Things ?
  3. Internet of things
  4. Characteristics of Iot
  5. Building blocks of Iot
  6. Working of Iot
  7. Architecture of Iot
  8. What devices make it to Iot
  9. Iot protocols
  10. Iot platforms
  11. Iot- past, present, future
  12. Applications of Iot
  13. How Iot is enhancing our lives
  14. Future with Iot

Also, the best part was I was able to interest the audience with a hardware project which included Arduino Uno and PIR (passive infrared sensor) motion sensor. This project was for motion sensing. The PIR sensor was connected to the Arduino Board and also there was a LED indicator which glowed when any motion is detected.

I am glad that everyone was enthusiastic and enjoyed the project !!

Sukanya showing the motion sensing project to the enthusiastic audience.
PIR motion sensor all setup and ready to detect motion.
The LED glowing – indicating motion detected.

Surajeet Ghosh gave a talk on OWASP VA Audit Mechanism.

surajeet ghosh giving a talk
Surajeet Ghosh giving a talk on OWASP VA Audit Mechanism.

There was a surprise talk from Saurav Modak.

saurav modak surprise topic
Saurav Modak enlightening audience with his surprise topic.

Also, Krishnendu Paul – Chapter Leader at OWSAP and SA – Information Security at Ericsson India Global Service Pvt. Ltd. explained the audience about network security.

krishnendu paul explaining network security
Krishnendu Paul talking about Network Security.

It was a pleasure to be able to learn and share with such a mass of wonderful, open-minded, dynamic and learned personalities. Looking ahead for such an experience again in the near future.

If anyone out there reading this is looking forward to attend such an event then feel free to visit the null website and find your nearest event and register yourself  🙂

Also visit the null Kolkata website at null Kolkata for future events in Kolkata.

P.S : Thanks a lot to Sukanta Pal for his pictorial documentation of the event !! More pictures can be found here and also visit this facebook page for more updates regarding the event.


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