Internet of Things World, Europe.

Internet of Things World, Europe – Creating Partnerships and Developing Ecosystems to Monetize the IoT Service Vision

Internet of Things – yet another revolution. This is bigger than the industrial revolution !!

This new buzz word is everywhere nowadays. This new technology is stepping into our lives at a fast pace. This technology, today, has more or less become a part and parcel of our lives.

Starting from our homes to the medical care centers to the city and eventually the whole world – this technology is gaining popular access at a rapid rate.

With the passing time – this young technology has become more than the buzz word. It has grown to an extent – much more than we can think it is.

With over 50 billion devices getting connected to the internet by 2020 – as predicted by some of the big IoT giants, each and every devices of the world is going to get connected. The world is going to get much smaller. Even we, the human beings are going to get connected.

Imagine the day, when each and every devices that we use in our day to day lives is having an individual online identity of its own – the day when each of these devices has their own facebook and twitter account – the facebook of things – the twitter of things – it’s surprising as well as amazing right ?

Even government sectors are finding it beneficial to use this technology and hence embracing this technology !!

To take forward this revolution and to gain the insights of some of the world’s learned professionals Informa PLC is organizing “Internet of Things World Europe“. This event is a part of the “Internet of Things World” event series.

Following the huge success of the world’s largest IoT event, Internet of Things World in San Francisco, Internet of Things World Europe is THE premier IoT event in Europe to address the huge commercial and business opportunities from IoT & to tackle some of the obstacles hindering development moving forward.

This event is a huge platform to learn about this NEW technology and also for networking. This event is also providing a platform for startups to exhibit there product.

So, gear up friends and be a part of this huge event.

Click on this link to see the list of speakers for this event.

Here is the attached IoT-World-Europe-Brochure

For more details, visit IoT World Europe website and also for more information on how to be a part of this event !!

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IoT Security Event

iot security event

Although it has been with us in some form or the other, disguised by different names for many years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has all of a sudden become The THING !

With the increasing ability to connect, communicate with and remotely manage millions of networked and autonomous devices via the Internet (network of networks), the Internet of Things is becoming widely popular and favorable.

Embedded, networked sensors and actuators are everywhere. They are in engines, monitoring combustion and performance. They are in our shoes and on our wrists, helping us exercise enough and measuring our sleep. They are in our phones, our homes, hospitals, offices, ovens, planes, trains, and automobiles. Their streams of data will improve industry, energy consumption, agriculture, business, and our health. Software processes these streams to provide real-time analytics, insights, and notifications, as well as control and actuate the physical world.

The emerging Internet of Things has tremendous potential, but also tremendous dangers. As we have seen with the Internet worm infecting the first networked computers in 1988, Nimda in 2001, and SQL injection attacks since the late 2000s, new applications and software present tremendous security threats. New systems and protocols, developed quickly and through grassroots efforts, do not foresee these threats, with the result that it takes decades to react and make these systems secure. For the Internet of Things, this danger is even more acute due to scale and interaction with the physical world. Internet threats today steal credit cards. Internet threats tomorrow will disable home security systems, flood fields, and disrupt hospitals.

Keeping this in mind INFORMA PLC is organizing the IoT Security Event where the Threats to IoT will be widely portrayed by re-known industry experts.

Why is this event one of a kind and why you should attend this event – 

    • Dedicated event – The only event dedicated to the most crucial security and privacy issues and concerns surrounding IoT.
    • Trends and innovations – Showcasing the latest technology trends and innovations from cutting edge vendors, startups and solution providers making up the future IoT ecosystem.
    • Senior Level Keynotes – Bringing together government representatives; industrial organizations, cutting edge enterprises and leading service providers addressing the significant opportunities and crucial challenges from IoT Security.
    • Free for CIOs/ CSOs – Selected CIOs & CSOs from relevant organizations may attend the conference free of charge.
    • Largest IoT event – Drawing on the huge success of the Worlds’ Largest Independent IoT event in the heart of Silicon Valley.
    • Discover New Business Opportunities – With our enhanced networking opportunities whether you take part in our dedicated speed networking sessions and pre-meeting service or attend our networking drinks, this event guarantees a platform for you to meet and Network with your peers from across the IoT industry.
    • IoT Experts at our IoT Security’s Learning Lab & Analyst Roundtable Breakfasts – Our Learning Labs bring leading innovators & experts together to discuss and debate hypothetical, but specific security challenges, hacks and pain points.  AND … Pose a question to the IoT Experts at our Analyst Roundtable Networking Breakfasts which provide a unique opportunity for you to post those burning questions to the leading IoT analysts in this popular and informal networking opportunity.
    • Comprehensive conference – Boasting the most comprehensive conference program addressing key IoT security & privacy issues such as data interception, secure devices, data protection, prevention and risks of threats and legal issues.

Visit this link to see the list of speakers of the event.

Here is an attached Agenda of the event.

Need some more information !! wondering how to be a part of this event !! Visit IoT Security Event website to find out more about the event.

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